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SIZE: 59cm



* 2022 Summer 1 item each VISTA CLUB limited product

It is a 2022 summer special item of THE FAT HATTER VISTA CLUB using high-grade Panama material, which is rarely sold in Japan and is extremely rare.

-Grade20 Quality-
Grade 20 quality is positioned at the top of the Panama materials, which are considered to be of higher quality as the mesh is finer.
It is a Panama hat body made by tearing the leaves of Tokiya grass into small pieces in Ecuador, South America, and knitting each one by hand, but when it comes to grade 20, it is finely knitted so that a professional craftsman can make only about 2 pieces a month. , It is a very rare material that has both suppleness and lightness like a piece of cloth.
When it comes to pattern knitting, it is a technique that only skilled craftsmen can do. It will be a rarer material.

Using a special material called G20 Panama, we have produced the finest hat in the Panama hat lineup.

A rare high-grade patterned Panama material that is rarely found on the market. This is a G20 model.
With a 10m pork pie crown and a 7cm ALL UP brim ceiling lining, it has a simple design with no ribbon, making it a hat that maximizes the beauty of the material.

Please pick it up and feel the wonderfulness of the material.

This item is a model with only one item manufactured. It will take about a week, but you can change the size by ± 1 cm if you wish. If you wish, we will respond if you write "◯ cm hope" in the remarks column at the time of purchase procedure.
* Please note that if you select ± 1 cm or more or less than ± 1 cm, we will cancel.

Natural vegetation (Panama) Grade 20

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* Adjustable front and rear 1 cm size

Height 10 cm
Brim 7cm
Slippery cowhide

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Country of origin: MADE IN JAPAN
Precautions: We do not accept returns or exchanges.
Inquiry number: 3222034