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A crochet hat with a brim that covers half of the face. By boldly hollowing out the back, the design is a size-free and impressive back style. When viewed from the front, it gives off a classic look, but the impression of the back changes depending on how you wear it and how you arrange your hair. Tie the ribbon in the back, hang it in the front, tie it at the chin, wrap it around your neck, wrap it around your hair, and enjoy arranging it according to your style.

Uses a natural grass hat body with a firm basket-like texture called Bao. The natural color of the material is beautiful. It is very light and best suited for creating a crisp shape. A material that is worth growing as it naturally tans as you use it and becomes like a vintage.

We recommend that you wear it firmly and deeply to create a very beautiful silhouette. You can change the size by tying the ribbon on the back.

[Precautions for handling]
Because it is a natural material, there is a risk that it may break if you hold it strongly or pinch it. Do not grab the top when holding the hat, as it may cause the hat to lose its shape and crack, so please hold the brim.
Please note that there is a risk of discoloration due to aging. It is weak against water, so please be careful not to get it wet.
Please note that once broken, it cannot be repaired.


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Material: Body/Natural plants , Ribbon/Rayon 100%
Product dimensions: Brim / about 9cm, height / 9cm
Country of Origin: MADE IN JAPAN
Note: No returns or exchanges.
Inquiry number: 2221032