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SIZE: 56cm~58cm

A hat line that uses a material revived based on the dead stock hat body with its characteristic knitted fabric. The beautiful light that shines through the knitted pattern casts a shadow on your face. A feminine tapered crown and a well-balanced slightly shorter brim length is the golden balance. A special hat with an angle that makes your face look beautiful. There are elastic loops on both sides that you can pass a scarf or ribbon through, so you can arrange it as a hat with a string.

Based on dead stock materials that can no longer be made, original revival materials reproduced within the range of technology that can be done now. The material is strong and uses jute with a rough feel.

It takes about 100 days to grow, and the disposal of the waste generated in the production process costs little to the environment, and the jute product itself is a gentle material with high biodegradability. A hat that conveys a technology that is being lost and a material that can be loved for a long time.

Small bucket hat with sharp lines. It features a shape that fits comfortably on your head. The size can be adjusted from 55cm to 57.5cm with the inner tape.

Due to the use of natural materials, the color may change over time, but there is no problem in terms of use. Please understand that individual differences in knitting are unique to natural materials, so please enjoy the unique texture of the material.

57cm (size adjustable)

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Material: Body/ Plant fiber jute 100%
Product Dimensions: Brim/8cm, Crown/10.5cm
Country of Origin: MADE IN CHINA
Note: No returns or exchanges.
Inquiry number: 2222019