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SIZE: 57cm

The bucket hat, which features a steeply angled brim, can be worn completely and deeply to create a clean line. The brim surrounds the face close to the face, making the face line look impressive. The best feature is the new silhouette in the mode.

Uses a sheet material that has long been a staple in hat shops. A CORK collar with several types of tape-like threads woven into it. Enjoy BLACK with three-dimensional knitting and dull luster texture of the yarn itself. CREAM woven with jute and tape yarns Available in 3 unique types.
Because it is not a natural fiber, it is usable without breaking. Foldable.

It is recommended to wear it deeply under your eyes. The simplicity and colors that emphasize the silhouette make it perfect for voluminous styling ◎ The slightly loose 57cm finish allows you to fine-tune the size with the ribbon inside. Recommended for those with a size of about 55cm to 57cm.


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Material: Cork body/ 37% nylon, 25% acrylic, 27% cotton, 11% rayon
: CREAM body / jute 67%, nylon 33%
: BLACK body / 56% nylon, 25% acrylic, 11% rayon, 8% cotton

Product Dimensions: Brim/7cm, Height/9cm
Country of Origin: MADE IN JAPAN
Note: No returns or exchanges.
Inquiry number: 2221014