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SIZE: 62cm

[ サイズオーダー(S/O)が可能です ]

A Panama hat with a mysterious shape that has a straight line on the top.
Once you get used to it, it becomes a highly addictive hat that you can't get out of the charm of this streaky Panama hat.

Called the passbook Optimo Hat, it goes well with linen shirts, making it even more brilliant in resort areas.
Such Optimo Hat is produced in the atelier of VISTA CLUB.
A grade 3 Panama hat is used for the base, and the brim width is finished with a width close to flat of 7.5 cm. The slip uses high-quality leather slip of I stitch.

The ribbon is an 18mm double wingback, and the ribbon on the back side is cut off as an accent.
I named it Sea turtle because it looks like a sea turtle.
Panama hats have a high degree of freedom to suit a wide range of styles, from suits and jackets to casual T-shirt styles.

It is an item that upgrades the style regardless of dress or casual style, and it will be finished in a resort-like style even if it is matched with a click suit as well as a casual style.

Sunglasses, linen shirts, Hawaiian shirts / patterned shirts, open-collared shirts, beige chinos and leather shoes make this a hat that goes well with colonial fashion.


58cm, 60cm
* Size order (S / O) is possible
55cm S / O, 56cm S / O, 57cm S / O, 58cm S / O, 59cm S / O, 60cm S / O, 61cm S / O, 62cm S / O, 63cm S / O


Material: Body / Natural grass (Tokiya grass)
Product dimensions: Brim / 7.5cm, Height / 13cm
Country of origin: MADE IN JAPAN
Notes: No returns or exchanges
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