The Groovin High - 2022 Spring Summer - オープンカラーシャツ特集
June 09, 2022

The Groovin High --2022 Spring Summer Open Color Shirt Special



This year, the rainy season started on May 4, six days earlier than normal, but looking at the weather forecast, it seems that the rainy season will end in the middle of June.

Last month there were only a few sunny days and it was raining almost every day. ..
Finally the rainy season is over ... I'm very happy ...

It seems that the rainy season has just started in Kanto the other day, but here in Okinawa, full-scale summer is coming soon!

The first blog update at such timing.

As you can see in the title

The 2022 Spring / Summer collection of "The Groovin High" was lined up at the right time.

I would like to introduce it immediately under the title of a special feature on open color shirts that are perfect for a full-fledged summer style .

The Groovin High items are made in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture, which has a long history of textiles and textiles and is visited by many apparel designers.

By the hands of craftsmen with excellent techniques such as sewing, patterns, materials, dyeing, embroidery, etc.
It is a product designed to express the cool style of the good old days of the United States.

Old American products from 1920's to 1950's
One of the attractions is the wonderful design created by the craftsmen of the time.

Based on the detailed materials of the time
Using high quality parts reprinted by Japanese craftsmen,
We finish each product one by one.

Model.1950s Vintage Style Bamboo Rayon Shirt
Price. ¥ 23,100 tax in

Model.1950's style Square L / S Rayon shirt
Col.Purple / Emerald / Pink / Black
Price. ¥ 22,000 tax in

Model.Rayon L / S shirt-FOX
Price. ¥ 22,000 tax in

Model.1950's Rayon L / S Shirt Atomic
Col.Pink / Black / Ivory
Price. ¥ 25,300 tax in

Model.Vintage Box Rayon Long Sleeves Shirt
Price. ¥ 18,700 tax in

Model.1950s Style Cotton Shirt
Price. ¥ 22,000 tax in

As you can see, the main lineup of long sleeves.

The Groovin High recommends a style of wearing a long-sleeved shirt with your arms rolled up even in the spring and summer season.

However, this season, a new model that has been featured for the first time has been released!

A short-sleeved box shirt made with the silhouette of the early 1950s town craft.

Model.1950's Rayon S / S Shirt
Price. ¥ 24,200 tax in

The Groovin High's short-sleeved shirt is fresh

It has been well received immediately!

Since it is already on sale at both the store and online shop

Sold out sizes and colors are also available.

Please click each link to check it out.