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SIZE: 57cm

A crochet hat with a deep, steeply falling brim. A balance that gives off a classic feel but is easy to match for daily use. You can enjoy arranging it freely with a removable scarf. A scarf can be tied in your hair, tied back, or wrapped around your neck as a scarf. If you wear it without a scarf, you can wear it as a casual bucket.

I highly recommend the different colors and patterns of the same design!
Product number: 2231017

Manila hemp wickerwork braid with a matte texture and a slightly openwork.
Abaca, which is also durable, is a fiber that can be taken from Manila hemp from the Philippines. Because it grows quickly, it is an eco-friendly plant that has been used as a material for ropes and paper since ancient times.
The scarf is a linen-like fabric that is soft and comfortable against the skin.
[Silhouette, sense of size]
A very beautiful silhouette will come out by having you cover your eyes firmly and deeply.
The size can be adjusted with the inner tape. The scarf is simply passed through the left and right loops, so you can replace it with your existing scarf.
[Precautions for handling]
Please be careful not to get it wet, damp, or stack it as it may cause it to lose its shape.
Foldable for short periods of time. Main unit cannot be washed. The scarf is removable and washable.
Because it is a natural material, it may change color over time. Please enjoy it as a characteristic of the natural material.


[ COLOR ] 

Material: Body/ Natural plants (Manila hemp) 100%
Secondary materials / 100% polyester and nylon
scarf / 100% polyester

Product Dimensions: Brim/8cm, Crown/9cm, Scarf Width/15cm
Country of Origin: MADE IN CHINA
Note: No returns or exchanges.
Inquiry number: 2231017