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SIZE: 57cm


Based on the dead stock hat body, this hat line has been revived with as much hand-weaving technology as possible.
The beautiful light that shines through the knitted pattern casts a shadow on your face.
The masculine trapezoidal silhouette, a deformed pork pie shape with a concave top, and the well-balanced brim length are a perfect golden balance.
A hat with a particular angle that makes the lines of the face look beautiful.

An original knitting material that revived the openwork knitting that could not be made due to the decrease in the number of craftsmen.
The strong material makes it hard to break and flexible.
There is a wire at the edge of the brim, so you can fold up the brim and add nuances.

It is designed to fit people with a size of 55cm to 58cm using a slide with an elastic cord inside.
Thanks to the rubber, it fits gently on the head, making it difficult to fly in the wind.


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Material: Natural plants (Kemma grass)
: KIKYO / Unclassified fiber (paper)
: KAGOME / Unclassified fiber (paper)
Product Dimensions: Brim/10cm, Crown/10cm
Country of Origin: MADE IN JAPAN
Note: No returns or exchanges.
Inquiry number: 2221037