VISTA CLUB Original Tumbler


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VISTA CLUB Original Tumbler

Born in Seattle, USA, the attention brand "MiiR" makes us think about the trends of the future such as sustainable and ethical.
VISTA CLUB original tumbler using the MiiR tumbler.

Inspired by authentic paper cups, the vacuum-insulated stainless steel tumbler fits your cup holder and everyday routine and is easy to carry.
We keep hot coffee and cold ice tea warm and cold with double layer vacuum insulation.

-about MiiR-

The brand <Mia>, which develops various products such as tumblers and bottles that are widely used from everyday to outdoor scenes, was launched by entrepreneur Blind Pape in 2010 in Seattle, USA.
Part of the proceeds are used for transportation, education, and the “Giving project” to help people and areas where clean water is not available.
You can participate in this project just by purchasing.
Each product also has a tracking code, so you can track what projects your purchase funds were used for.
It is a remarkable brand that makes you think about the trends of the future such as sustainable and ethical.

[ Specifications ]
・ Double wall vacuum insulation structure ・ With BPA-free press lid that keeps heat and cold for a long time ・ Uses 18/8 medical grade stainless steel that does not smell or taste metal ・ Hard shell ™ powder coat coating ・ BPA-free ・ Cup holder compatible

[ Precautions for use ]
When using for the first time, please wash well before use.
Do not use microwaves, ovens or dishwashers.
Please do not put it near the fire.
Please do not put dry ice.
Please refrain from long-term storage of drinks.
Do not pour boiling water on the lid or boil it.
Do not freeze the body and lid.
Do not use bleach or chlorine.
When using it, keep it out of the reach of small children. Also, be careful of mischief.
Please put it less than the inner plug.
The mouthpiece of this product is designed to be suitable for use with cold drinks. When using with hot drinks, be careful not to get burned.

[ SIZE ] 

[ COLOR ]  
Capacity: 16oz / 473ml
Weight: 0.60lbs / 272gm
Product dimensions: Height approx. 16.3 cm, diameter approx. 8.3 cm (bottom)
Country of origin: MADE IN JAPAN
Precautions: We do not accept returns or exchanges.
Inquiry number: 0200002