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SIZE: 57cm(サイズ調節可能)

A simple hat with a modern gimmick. The impressive form creates a ring that surrounds the face like Saturn and creates a shadow on the eyeliner.
Designed as an expedition hat with a mode look, inspired by the hat worn by women exploring the desert. Wear it with a rough hairstyle.
The square head shape is finished with a masculine silhouette by adding knobs to the front part.

Two materials are available: GAMA, which is hand-woven from cattail grass, a type of aquatic plant, and JUTE, which is made of twisted jute and has a watermark.
Both aquatic plants and jute are eco-friendly natural materials that grow quickly and are highly biodegradable.

[Silhouette and size]
The size can be adjusted with the inner tape. It corresponds to roughly 55 cm to 57.5 cm. It is recommended to wear it straight and clean.

[Precautions for handling]
Please be careful not to get it wet, damp, or stack it as it may cause it to lose its shape. Not foldable. Do not wash.
If you bend it or pick it up, it may break.
There are individual differences due to natural materials. Color may change with age. Please enjoy it as a characteristic of the natural material.



[ COLOR ] 

Materials: Natural plants (cattails, jute)
Product dimensions: Height 10cm Brim 9cm
Country of Origin: MADE IN JAPAN
Note: No returns or exchanges.
Inquiry number: 2231030